Personalised Number Plates For The Queen

The Queen Elizabeth II has been on the throne in Britain for over 50 years and has earned herself quite the reputation as one of the most famous monarchs in history. With her years of dedication to the royal family and her loyal subjects, she’s finally getting an honor she so thoroughly deserves – her very own personalised number plate! Of course, Her Majesty cannot be seen driving around on any old vehicle – she needs something that can properly showcase her regality, which is why we’ve worked with a team of experts to design and create something truly special…

As one of the most famous and recognisable women in the world, Queen Elizabeth has made history with her contributions to the UK and the Commonwealth nations.

Introduction to Queen II
Queen Elizabeth II, known to most as The Queen, is one of the longest-reigning monarchs in British history. With a reign of 66 years and counting, she has been a constant presence in both British and international affairs for much of her life. She ascended to her current position at age 25 upon her father’s death, King George VI. On September 20th, 2015, it was announced that she would be granted her own The Queens Personalised Number Plates for all official cars given to her by The Royal Mews. This will allow them to be easily identified as belonging to Her Majesty The Queen.

As a reigning monarch, The Queen has always had her own personalised vehicle. While she has an official car, which is changed every few years, most of these vehicles were owned by British Government agencies and weren’t considered official cars of Her Majesty. This will be one of two to be issued personally by The Royal Mews and will allow her to more easily identify her current vehicle from other traffic on British roads. A white Bentley State Limousine was commissioned earlier in 2015 from Mulliner Bentleys and will include a royal blue exterior finish with gold accents along with black wheels. The convertible roof is expected to have a Union Flag design as well as hold space for luggage for when The Queen makes international trips during public engagements.

Did The Queen need number plates?
Queen Elizabeth is one of the most respected figures in history. She has served as a role model for women and worked tirelessly to help make this country great. To commemorate her 90th birthday, we are introducing a personalised number plate that will be dedicated to her. This special gift will showcase your appreciation for all she has done and is still doing as our monarch.

As a lifelong supporter of Her Majesty, we aim to provide something special just for her. Something that would let her know how much you appreciate what she has done for England and beyond. With this in mind, we’ve created a personalized number plate that can be dedicated to Queen Elizabeth herself.

The Queen’s State Vehicles without number plates
In 1995, as a cost-cutting measure, all vehicles used by members of the Royal Family were fitted with ‘B.R.E.’ instead of individual registration. This included cars and motorcycles used by The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh, as well as those for use by their staff. There are exceptions for certain types of vehicles: aircraft are not required to display a registration mark at all; tractors and other agricultural vehicles do not need one either; neither does a blind person’s guide dog.

In September 2007, it was announced that The Queen and Prince Philip would swap some of their state cars with standard registration plates for lower-emission vehicles in a bid to cut their carbon footprint. As part of that move, The Duke of Edinburgh would lose his Bentley State Limousine in favor of a Range Rover. Furthermore, those staff cars used by The Duke of Edinburgh and Prince Andrew that had B.R.E.

This is a great way to show your love and appreciation for Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth. These plates make excellent gifts for yourself or someone you care about who loves the royal family.